Causes, Effects And Advice Against Dry Mouth

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Without realizing one day you feel dry mouth, swallow it costs you, as your lips are glued and discover that these hateful stringers are created in the corner of his mouth. Suffer from xerostomia.

Xerostomia is a symptom that defines the subjective sensation of dry mouth malfunction of the salivary glands. The disorder and is caused by the loss of salivary flow. Currently about 20% of young people can suffer from this syndrome and adults age 60 is reached and 50%. 
The causes of this disorder are varied, des consumption of drugs to systemic diseases such as diabetes through consumption marijuana. You have to watch for in the use and abuse of certain drugs. Currently more than 500 families of drugs are likely to cause xerostomia.

The effects caused by dry mouth mainly affect the oral cavity causing burning and pain. Also they generate:
  • - Eating disorders due to difficulty chewing and swallowing. 
  • - The appearance of dysgeusia, as known to the alter taste (meat may taste like metal). 
  • - Halitosis. 
  • - Difficulty in using the prosthesis dental. 
  • - Speech problems.

In addition, according to a recent study at the University of Granada there is a moderate link between asthma and xerostomia. Thus it was confirmed that a large proportion of asthma patients also had dry mouth syndrome. According to researchers data obtained indicated that certain treatments with high doses of inhaled corticosteroids decrease the production of salivary proteins, which play a protective role on the oral mucous, so this effect occurs clinically in cases of xerostomia and at It is generally associated with asthma control.

To achieve mitigate the effects of dry mouth syndrome first have to make the diagnosis through physical examination of the oral mucosa, tongue, ... In addition to measure the salivary flow and the degree of xerostomia, we must make a sialometry.

To alleviate irreversible xerostomia cases can use various procedures

  • Local Incentives: based on mechanical stimuli such as increased masticatory function eating foods that require a more vigorous chewing like carrots, eat sips of water during meals, chew sugarless gum. Taste stimuli are acid-bitter foods that increase salivation, though the benefit is limited. 
  • Drugs: Although the cause xerostomia many drugs, there are some that help alleviate it, as pilocarpine, the anetoletritiona, or bethanechol between others. 
  • Salivary Substitutes are acuosoiónicas and carboxymethylcellulose solutions, mucin glycoproteins and preparations with enzyme content, which mimic saliva. 
  • Cavity Prevention: as brushing teeth, limiting the consumption of carbohydrates rapid absorption, use of fluoride gels and oral antiseptics such as chlorhexidine.
If you feel you are suffering from dry mouth and you live in the Phoenix area we have provided a list below of excellent dental offices who can provide you with diagnosis and treatment options.

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