Sleep Dentistry

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A few articles on sleep dentistry, including whether being asleep during your dentist appointment is right for you:

Pain Free Sleep Dentistry

I want to be Sedated – Sedation Dentistry

Here are some other reasons why you might want to choose Sleep Dentistry:

You have a hard time getting numb by the dentist – with Sleep dentistry you feel no pain.
You are going through a extensive procedure that will require multiple visits. With sedation, multiple visits can often be condensed into one visit.
You are nervous or anxious about the discomfort you may experience during your procedure.
You suffer from a bad gag reflex or needle phobia that can’t be controlled.
You avoid the dentist because of the stress going to see a dentist causes you.
What Procedures do you offer Sleep Dentistry Treatment?

Puja Dental Group offers sleep dentistry for many procedures, including but not limited to:
Tooth Extraction
Root Canals
Gum Disease Planing and Scaling
Placing Dental Implants
Porcelain Veneers
Even Filings and Crowns
What Will Be The After-Effect Of Sleep Dentistry?

You should have no pain at all after the completion of the sleep dentistry treatment. You will feel as if you have awakened from a relaxed and satisfying sleep. You will also feel wonderful knowing that your dental problem has been taken care of successfully without any amount of discomfort.

How Long Will You Be Asleep?

It varies on what procedure you are having performed, but no longer than a maximum span of six hours for the treatment. Simple extractions can often be finished in under a half hour.

Is There Any Need To Have Someone Accompany You to the Procedure?

Yes, you will need someone to drive you home after the treatment, as the sedatives make it unwise to drive after the procedure. It can also boost your moral confidence to have someone be there when you wake up.

Are You Monitored During the Procedure?